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Our products will make your business stand out from the crowd

Good marketing means introducing your customers to, and convincing them of your products or services. The marketing options are endless, from cheap solutions to expensive ones, with simple methods or complex tools. We can help you create your ideal EPS foam items to make perfect marketing tools for your company. Find the key to your success!

Put your business on the map!
Refurbish your business premises inside and out.
Make your business recognizable!
Your business is your identity
Make your business stand out!
3D letters will make your business premises unique


Creating 3D elements for various packaging purposes, 3D shapes that can be used for insulation, as well as custom-cut letters in any shapes and sizes. Using this extremely light-weight material we can help you turn your ideas into real forms, which can then easily be mounted on any surface, including glass.

Just like the decorative elements made of classic gypsum, these EPS foam decoration items can be painted with acrylic paints, dispersion and water-based paints.
Thanks to the low purchase price, Expanded Polystyrene foam items can safely be used in larger redecoration projects, as well, without putting a strain on the budget.


Despite the fact that there is still much to be discovered about the Expanded Polystyrene foam, we are keeping up with the latest technological developments. Our state-of-the-art machines enable us to produce 3D letters and advertisements which are important marketing tools, but can also be used as interior and exterior decorations, or as ornaments at weddings and office parties. They make great outdoor decorative elements, they can be mounted on walls or put up in your offices. All you have to do is come up with the shape and size of your ideal EPS foam items and we will handle the rest.

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Our company started working with EPS foam items in 2012, focusing on customized, cut to size elements. EPS foam packaging is on the top of our products list, with a constantly widening range of decorative elements. We design customized decorative foam items, ideal for weddings, birthday parties and other festivities.

We also create signs, letters and EPS foam cakes. Although we are a young company, we are proud of our professional attitude, we ensure short delivery times, which is important to our customers. We take pride in the fact that we go the extra mile to meet the deadlines given by our customers, as well as maintain a high quality standard. These traits make us a reliable  business partner.

We can safely say that Expanded Polystyrene foam is a great material to work with, since it offers endless possibilities when used in redecoration projects. Let your imagination soar, let your creativity roam and let us help you create the ultimate EPS foam decorations to you reinvent your living or office space.


  • It is a great resistant material, perfect for packaging to protect your products from getting damaged
  • Excellent insulation material
  • It is light-weight, cheap and outstanding as packaging material
  • EPS foam is the most inexpensive and reliable packaging option on the market 


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